“I am going to help you get un-sick.” That is the beginning of the dialogue Matty Prawicka presented to my daughter. Only 6 days later she was in a facility that specializes in treating dual diagnosis. I believe Matty was a divine intervention. I was unable accomplish this myself. I did not know how long my adult child was going to be alive. Out of nowhere I received a phone call from Matty Prawicka. I in turn, gave his phone number to my daughter. Matty was able to feel all of the pain and fear my daughter was going through. It was his words that gave her the hope that there was a place for her to get the help and care she so desperately needed. I was not knowledgeable enough to find a facility that accepted her insurance, nor was I brave enough to let her get on a plane without the professionalism shown from Matty. Get in touch with AIR today. You may be saving the life of your loved one. Thank you Matty, you are a Divine Intervention.

Anonymous (Long Island)

“My name is Susan and I’m from East Meadow, NY. Matty has helped me get my son into detox after my failure to do so. There are waiting lists everywhere to treat herion addicts and do to lack of inpatient care its more difficult to get the proper treatment for a loved one. Once detox is through, a plan must be devised for inpatient care which sometimes has to begin with intensive outpatient as insurance companies pay for outpatient quicker. Once that has failed, which it usually does, then Matty begins his process. Matty has done research and made contacts within many facilities that are available to us that we wouldn’t know about. His expertise in all areas of treatment far surpasses anyone I’ve dealt with prior. I highly recommend Matty as your advocate in preparing your loved one for a detailed plan in order to promote their success and recovery.”

Susan (East Meadow)

“What our family is going through with my 26 year old brother and his heroin addiction and being able to soak up the information Matty has given us like a sponge is truly a miracle. We have been taking his advice, following his plans and taking more positive action. He gives us the courage to go ahead and do simple things that have already made a bad situation much better. He has helped bring us the strength we needed to cope with this. Scheduling time with Matty was just what we needed. My family and I feel empowered and not hopeless like before! He cuts through the junk and spells things out in a short, sweet and no nonsense manner, to-the-point input that is positively right-on. Matty’s suggestions have helped tremendously so far in what has been an incredibly painful time for all of us. For the first time, we feel confident that Paul will find his way. Our phone conversations and face to face meetings have proven to give our family the clear-cut direction that we need to formulate a plan of action. We so much need his reminders about how to stay sane in the insanity of active addiction in the family. We were feeling so defeated. But with Matty’s insights we are taking a different approach and hoping to see dramatic changes.”

Krystal (Long island)

” I’m not going to go into any of the horrifying details we all know to well that have heroin addicted family members. My son was losing the battle ,it was like a slow death. He was admitted into a hospital with a terrible blood infection from drug abuse,with blood pressure at 70/55 he was septic. in ICU for afew days he was lucky the antibiotics helped. This after 5 years was his rock bottom. I did not know what to do .I knew I couldn’t take him out of that hospital and bring him home. He needed new treatment out of the state he lived in. He was in desperate need of a miracle. That miracle came in the form of Matty Prawicka. I called him at 10:00am on Sunday in desperate need of his help. He was going into an intervention with a family and told me he would call me in a half hour and he did. With his calming voice he told me about a few places out of state that were good. I was putting my sons life in the hands of a man I never met,but I trusted him just by his words. He arranged for a phone interview, my son was accepted. We drove to the airport ,he was on a plane at 7:59 that same night. My sons life started that night boarding Delta flight 4894 all orchestrated by Matt. Hes in a bit of culture shock being down south,but I think and hope he will recover. As your name means “Gift of God” it is so fitting because you truly are. There’s not really much more to say about it except, I don’t know what we would have done that day without your help.you are truly an extraordinary human being. Thank you Matty you saved our lives that day. We are forever grateful.”

Terri (Long island)

” I am an addict’s mom! I have met Matty Prawicka through our nationwide social networking group called “The Addicts Mom”. As the NYS Leader, I began watching Matty and the great work he has been doing. I have personally worked with Matty on several occasions and have referred many members of our group living in New York State to him. I am amazed at how quickly Matty is able to work with families and assist them in getting their child, adult child, or loved one into rehab so quickly with wonderful results. While working on several cases with Matty, I have found he is determined, dedicated, compassionate, and so very knowledgeable. But above all, he possesses a very unique quality in reaching out and successfully connecting to our addicts and making a difference in their lives as well as their family’s life. Matty truly makes a difference for families who are exhausted, emotionally drained, feeling defeated, and don’t know where to turn. Especially after battling the fight on their own for rehabs and insurance issues, only to be denied by insurance companies, only approved for 14 days, told their child isn’t sick enough for admittance, or told that their loved one will be put on a waiting list. Many people have referred to Matty Prawicka as being their “angel”. Matty truly is an angel and the answer to so many prayers. Keep up the great work Matty. You are a True Professional and you truly “Help Families Breathe Again”.”

Amy VandeWal (TAM - The Addicts Mom)

“I never knew anything about heroin addiction. Never gave it a thought, never thought I would need to. I, like so many people, would refer to the addict as a loser or a waste. Now I cringe when I hear people talk that way. The pain I feel is deep. I want to confront everyone I hear speaking those words and say “hey, that drug addict you speak of is someone’s child. He is someone’s whole world and is most likely a wonderful human being with a terrible disease”. I learned this the hard way. My child made a terrible mistake and will pay for it dearly and for the rest of his life. I have watched him suffer for the past 5 years. I can not fathom how he gets through each day. He is sad, depressed and in pain 24/7. My son Nick would wake me in the middle of the night asking me to sit with him because he can’t seem to stop thinking about his what a mess he has made of his life and crying uncontrollably. You see my son wasn’t someone who needed intervention to get him to go away to rehab. He didn’t want to live the life of an addict. He searched the internet on a nightly basis trying to find somewhere that would detox him off of methadone. The problem was that all the places he called would detox an addict off of heroin using methadone but he felt hopeless because he didn’t know of any places that could detox him off of methadone. Problems with insurance was also a big obstacle and he grew more and more hopeless and depressed. End of January we were fortunately introduced to Matty. Matty stayed on the phone with Nick for hours that night and by morning he had a place for nick to go that would detox him off of methadone. Although at that point it was just a name and number of a facility, it was enough for nick to sleep that night already feeling optimistic. Within two weeks Nick was on his way to detox/rehab. I thought that would be the end of my conversations with Matty but it wasn’t. He wasn’t just there for my son, he was also there for me!! I had mentioned to him about how I was feeling depressed, anxious, and just plain strange and that I was having just as much anxiety over nick being away as I was when he was home. He explained to me how codependency works and suggested that my husband and I prepare ourselves for nick to come home one day. He gave me options on which meetings would work best and he still checks in with us often. He was the answer to all my prayers!! He is such a wonderful, compassionate human being…with a great sense of humor who always seems to make me smile in the midst of all this anguish. He is extremely knowledgable about this disease as well as the ins and outs insurance. It is hard to believe that with all the phone calls we had made in the past five years not one insurance company, therapist or hospital has ever suggested the facility that my son is at now. I still can not believe that if we hadn’t met Matty my son would still be feeling hopeless and depressed. Thank you Matty for all your hard work and for giving so much of yourself to the addicts and families you help!! You are truly selfless and we thank god for you every single day!!”

Maria (Islip NY)

“I was fortunate enough to find Matty when I felt hopeless and helpless. My son is a heroin addict who had been through six detox and rehabs. He was hospitalized several times for near overdoses. I reached out to Matty and was met with such compassion and kindness. He reached out to my son and secured a place for him in a four month recovery program. He has given my beautiful, kind, sweet 25 year old son a chance for a healthy drug-free life. I will be forever indebted to him.”

Cally (Long Island)

“We were delighted to find Matty at our time of crisis. He made a comfortable connection with our son and put everyone at ease. Matty had the knowledge to direct us to the right people, easily set up arrangements for my son and follow through his care. His response to us was immediate and he was clear, compassionate and knowledgeable.”

Valerie (Wantagh)

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